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Machete-Wielding Man Stabs 4, Is Killed by Police in Ohio

The victims of the attack in Columbus were apparently chosen at random, police said. The suspect was shot and killed by police after a chase.

Machete-Wielding Attacker Shot Dead by Police

Sgt. Rich Weiner told reporters that there was no "rhyme or reason" behind the attack at a restaurant in the Ohio capital.

Cops Bust $1.1M International Child-Trafficking Network

Police have smashed an alleged criminal network that generated an estimated $1.1 million by forcing kids to pickpocket in Paris.

Pakistan: We Arrested 97 Militants, Foiled Jailbreak Plot

Pakistan said it arrested 97 Islamist militants and foiled a plot to break the killers of U.S. journalist Daniel Pearl out of jail.

Polar Vortex to Usher In 'Life-Threatening' Icy Blast

The Northeast is being warned to brace for what could be the coldest temperatures in over a decade this Valentine's Day weekend.

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