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Schools Take On 'Skinny' Jeans

A North Carolina school district is considering banning "skinny jeans" in an upcoming dress code revision, and that's not going over well with students. WECT's Amanda Weston reports.

Grandparents Charged in Kids' Mistaken Shootings

"Most of the time, children know where they are, even if parents think they don't."

Power Outage Leaves Most of Downtown Seattle in the Dark

Powerless traffic signals caused delays for buses and the light rail, and employees in the city's commercial district were forced to stop working.

FDA Takes More Time on Muscular Dystrophy Drug Approval

Federal health regulators will take more time to review a highly contested drug for muscular dystrophy.

Pro-LGBT Shirt Lands Student In Hot Water

Texas teen sent home over "Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!" t-shirt says school's dress code isn't being upheld evenly. KCEN's Stephen Adams reports.

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