You Say Tomato...

By: Lauren Keeling
By: Lauren Keeling

I say YUMMY! Lauren Keeling blogs about her garden...that actually produced something!

Finally, the fruits of our labors have turned.

And they turned RED! Bright, sparkly RED!

That tomato up there in the corner picture? That's mine. I had a hand in growing that. I touched it. I breathed on it. I looked at it sternly several times. AND IT LIVED!

My husband and I have successfully raised dozens of redredred tomatoes, surrounded by even more green tomatoes that are trying very hard to turn red!

We planted these puppies back in June, with the help of my mom and her green thumb. From there, we lovingly neglected them...tying them up only twice, watering them even less and letting the dogs roam around on their leafy greens.


And we ate them without abandon this weekend, on two separate occasions. First, of the fried green variety, which our oldest and BY FAR pickiest child tried and approved of. Second, we diced them up for our Sunday tacos. I was so proud of them (the tomatoes, not Taylor, however, really, I should be proud of her for trying new food, too) I wanted to take pictures.

The best part of all of this? They tasted AWESOME. Like the perfect mixture of freshness and dirt and sunshine. And I had a hand in that.

It was really ridiculously exciting to eat something that grew in our yard. My mom has had enormous gardens all of my life, overflowing with vegetables that would make Martha Stewart jealous...but holy cats, there's nothing like growing something of your own and enjoying it.

I've discovered that I love squash and like very much cucumbers. Jim likes zucchini, and of course, we're brilliant tomato, next year, we're planting a real, big kid garden. That we will water appropriately, I promise.

With hope, this time next year, I can write a blog that's even more pumped up about the crazy wonderful things growing in our garden. And the even better food we're eating because of it!

Hooray for my new light green thumb!

Lauren K.

PS: In an effort to provide full disclosure, I have to admit that Jim had a way bigger hand in the awesomeness of our tomatoes than I did.  But, you guys, like I said, I looked at them, and they still lived.  That counts for something!  :-)

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