This "Spring Tease" is Cramping My Style!

By: Abby Kidder
By: Abby Kidder

Abby Kidder talks about how ironic it is that New York's Fashion Week happens to be the same week she unexpectedly tried some new clothing trends!


Spring has sprung! Or at least you may have thought it had on Wednesday when we had temperatures in the upper 50's, thunderstorms and even reports of hail!

Then Friday morning's single digit wind chills were a reality check that yes, it is still Winter!

That being said, I cannot begin to tell you how these past couple of weeks have REALLY screwed up my closet!

So much so, you would've thought I was trying to make it on the runway in New York for Fashion Week...

For all of you who aren't familiar with the annual high end, style show in the Big Apple let me explain. Fashion Week is when the some of the greatest designers get together and show off their latest 'looks' for the season. Vera Wang, Calvin Klein and Oscar De La Renta are just a few of the familiar stylists.

But something else you have to realize, is that these designers are trying to impress and a lot of their 'latest trends', in my opinion, are a little extreme. For example, I saw a model walking down the runway and it looked like she had a paper airplane coming out of the side of her head! (Stylish? No! Aeronautic? Yes!) I also saw an outfit that looked like it came straight out of the 1976 movie "The Boy in the Plastic Bubble" staring John Travolta. No I am not kidding, one outfit actually looked like a plastic bubble! WHERE WOULD YOU WEAR THAT? News Flash designers: The plastic bubble was used to help a boy with a deficient immune system, not for fashion purposes.

OK, Now that you've been prepped, I am ready to explain where this blog is going...

I am a self-proclaimed multi-tasker. On Wednesday, it was pretty warm out, so I decided to boycott the sweatpants for a day and threw on a pair of cotton shorts to lounge around in.

My phone rings and it's my mom, and there's no such thing as a five minute phone call when mom calls (sorry mom!) so I decided to take my dog for a walk while we chatted.

I looked out the window and saw it was pretty windy out and grabbed the first available coat with a hood. Still talking away, I get Phillip ready, throw something easily accessible on my feet and we're off!

It's not until about ten minutes into the walk (well into a residential neighborhood!) that I looked down and actually realized what I was wearing!

Picture this: A heavy brown jacket with a fur hood (pulled on my head), cotton blue shorts and oh yes, brown boots with fur (pause to break out in song if you know what I'm talking about!) that go halfway up my leg!

I LOOKED RIDICULOUS! And was exactly HALFWAY done with Phillip's walk.

As we are trucking back up the hill heading home, a man driving his son home from school did a double-take at me and said something to his son, probably along the lines of "Son, don't bring one of them home to meet your mother!"

So there you have it! My "attempt" at Fashion Week. I know it's no plastic bubble, but it definitely was an eye sore!

Grant it, it's my own fault for multi-tasking all the time, but Mother Nature, would it hurt to have some consistency in your forecasts? I need to get my closet in order.


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