My Pug's On Benadryl!

By: Abby Kidder
By: Abby Kidder

Abby Kidder talks about how the daily "Allergy Alert" from the Weather Center has taken on a whole new meaning!

 In previous blogs you may have read about how I treat my dog like a human being. I dress him up in clothes, he has a human name (Phillip) and he even sleeps in bed with me!

Phillip is a pug. When I adopted him three years ago, I was told that pug's are prone to a lot of medical problems: difficulty breathing, weight gain etc.

Luckily, Phillip is one healthy pup! The little guy had never even been to the vet for anything other than regular check-ups his whole life!

Then this past week, I had a little scare with Philly! He was acting a little ''off''. For example: he'd start to walk and then would turn and look up at his tail and lay down immediately after. He was also itching a bit (even though I gave him a bath and his Frontline). He was also favoring his left ear and eating grass every time I took him for a walk.

After monitoring his behavior for about twenty-four hours, I took him to the vet. I was a nervous mess!

It took the vet about three questions to diagnose my little man with allergies!

ALLERGIES! I was shocked!

I had no idea some dogs had the same reaction to pollen levels as humans!

The vet let me know that Phillip, like some adults, developed allergies with age.

She also showed me how his skin was a little pink under his belly and that's just another sign of why he was so itchy.

It all made sense to me but it wasn't until she gave me his 'prescription' that I was really floored.

Benadryl: two times a day!

I take Benadryl twice a day! So when I realized I was going to have to share my supply with my dog I couldn't help but laugh!

The vet told me if the Benadryl doesn't work within seventy-two hours, I should bring him back and he'll get a steroid shot. She said she uses the shot as a last resort due to possible side effects.

Phil also had an ear infection. She told me that developed as a result of the allergic reaction.

She gave me a bottle of drops to kill the infection and that was it! We went off on our merry way!

It's been about seventy-two hours and Phillip is doing a lot better. The itching has subsided and the redness is starting to go away.

Looking back at the whole series of events I just laugh to myself. I've always been offended when someone would tell me I act like my dog the more time we spend together... the two Benadryl a day may make me admit we're starting to become one!

Does your pet have any "human" character traits? 

Leave me a comment and let me know!


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