Time Out!

By: Lauren Keeling
By: Lauren Keeling

What do Lauren Keeling's oldest step-daughter and Kelly and Donna from 90210 have in common? Not a whole lot, actually...but what they do share can be an important lesson for us all.

The original 90210 is far and beyond one of my guiltiest television pleasures.

The new 90210....well, not so much.  BUT, since Donna and Kelly have reunited in 90210.2.0, I have to watch clips online every once in a while.  (Stay with me, I promise this is going somewhere other than a painfully long look at why Dylan and Kelly were meant to be together from the start.)  Anyhoodle, I stumbled upon a true golden nugget of wisdom from our very own Donna Martin, circa 2.0.

Talking to Kelly, "What is it they always say?  Put your oxygen mask on first before you assist others!"

SO TRUE.  Think about it- we are completely useless to the people we love and want to help, if we aren't helping and loving ourselves.  In order to do that, we have to take a page out of Taylor, our oldest step-daughter's book- and order up some "me" time.  Sometimes Taylor will just disappear in the house...to be found sitting quietly in her bedroom or her sister's room, reading or coloring or playing.  And, with wisdom beyond her 7 years, she looks at us and says, "I just a need a few moments of me time.  Can you shut the door?"

Everyone has their own way of taking a moment for themselves- mine happens to  be watching 90210 on SOAPnet.  Or doing laundry.  Or running mindless errands.  With children, animals, housework and a big girl job...I need Lauren time.  Just a few minutes, here and there, to re-focus and re-connect and re-charge. 

I also need husband time.  And actually, sometimes the best "me" time I get is my "we" time- when Jim makes me breakfast and we eat on the coffee table in front of the TV...enjoying a little time in the most popular zip code in the world.  But I can't enjoy the we...if I'm not happy with me.

So, I make sure I put on my oxygen mask before I help anyone else with theirs.  I'm no use otherwise...and, honestly, I'm at my best when I'm being useful.  And breathing...

Next week on 90210, Brenda comes back from Europe.  This is my favorite season.  Bacon and eggs...here we come!

Lauren K.



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