The Other Side of The Story

By: Lauren Keeling
By: Lauren Keeling

"Why don't you get BOTH sides of the story?" Well, it's not because we have a wanton disregard for the accused and their reputation. Lauren Keeling digs a little deeper in this week's blog.

It's a reoccurring comment on our webchannel..."Why don't you get his/her side of the story?"

Typically, this is in response to a news item where someone is accused of a crime and a good friend/family member/acquaintance wants to defend said person. Naturally, there's a lot of "This is only the cops side of the story," and "Why didn't they ask (insert accused person's name) here?"

Well, it's not because we don't WANT to share their story. Ask any reporter who has spent any time in an arraignment- we always say "Person, do you have anything to say?" and usually, that person says no. (And sometimes, they whip some obscenities our way....)

SOMETIMES, said person DOES have something to say- and anytime they do, we ALWAYS air it. Remember Thaddeus Salomon? He said he was sorry. He said it was an accident. And we played "his side of the story" almost every time we aired it. The chance is always there...

But the reason many folks accused of a crime don't get time on camera is because they are legally advised not to. Most lawyers don't want their clients talking about the case prior to it going to trial...and rightfully so. And most accused people recognize that the words they say to us stay alive forever. It's always traceable, always findable and always usable in a they choose to keep quiet- and I don't blame them.

We look in to and check out every crime-related story we do. We research, we ask and we think about what the repercussions are of what we air. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- no one here wants to ruin anyone's life. And I assure you, in my shows, everything that hits the air is directly from a police report or criminal complaint- it's not made up or added to. It is what it is- which is what someone is ACCUSED of....NOT guilty of. And we just bring it to you.

One of our golden rules here is: Innocent until proven guilty. We just report the story- only you decide whether to place the blame...

Making calls until next time....

Lauren K.

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