Is Honesty the Best Policy?

By: Lauren Weppler
By: Lauren Weppler

Lauren talks open and honest about the honesty policy here in the MOV.

This is a topic I have wanted to blog about for a while. Is honesty the best policy?
I have been here in the MOV for all most a year and a half, and there is something I have noticed. People in the MOV are completely honest with me. I mean brutally honest. Some others here at WTAP get it, but for some reason I feel like every time I go out in the public I get some kind of comment. If they don't like my hair, weight, height, grammar, or finger nail polish I get a comment, phone call or email. Now the majority of the comments tend to be positive, but some are a little harsh.

Now in all honesty I have a tough skin and actually enjoy hearing people's blunt opinions, but sometimes it's a little too much. For example members in my own family love to share their opinions. My grandmother, who is one of biggest fans, is probably one of the most vocal. She will say things like, "Lauren, that outfit made you look fat..." or "Lauren, your eyes look funny?.." So, as you can tell I have some critics who are even among my family members. Something I have learned early on is to be able to laugh it off, and try not to sweat the small stuff. I have to be honest with myself though having the MOV so open and honest about my appearance has caused me to be more critical of myself. I'm looking in the mirror more often and maybe being too honest with my own features....Which I'm trying to keep in check.

Maybe it's because people see me everyday they feel they can tell me whatever they wish about how I look and how I sound, but if you are one of the "honesty best policy" members then keep it least for now it's giving me something to blog about.

So, do you think people in the MOV are just more honest than in other places? Or is there another reason I haven't thought of? Please weigh in, is honesty the best policy?

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