Teachers Don't Get Enough Credit

By: Lauren Weppler
By: Lauren Weppler

Lauren talks about how some special teachers influenced her life.

"Teachers Don't Get Enough Credit!" Wow, isn't that an understatement. I wanted to write this blog in honor of some of the great teachers in my life who really helped me to grow and thrive.

First off both my parents and my brother are teachers and they teach me something new everyday so they can't count. But all three truly care about their students abilities to succeed. I value those qualities greatly.

Second off every teacher I have had has touched my life in some way or another, so if one of my former teachers reads this and isn't mentioned don't be bummed out. Everyone of my teachers has made an impact on my life, but there are a few that have stood the test of time.

My first teacher was Mrs. Baker! She was my kindergarten teacher, even though some of the memories of kindergarten are a bit fuzzy. Mrs. Baker always encouraged me to smile. I know that doesn't sound like much, but really it allowed me to remember to be happy and always keep my chin up. I still call her Mrs. Baker to this day.

My fifth grade teacher Mrs. Conley! Now Mrs. Conley was a stickler for mathematics, and if you know one thing about me it's my hatred for the world of math, but she wasn't easy on me. She made me enter into her personal Math Class, which was like torture for me. She never let me quit, even when I tried. I learned to follow through and just because I'm not good at something (actually terrible) doesn't mean I'm stupid.

My eighth grade West Virginia History teacher. Mr. Jay! This class opened me up to the beautiful Mountain State and my true love for history. He was such a motivator and also my basketball coach. We had a real bond he always let me crack jokes and be myself, which is something that let me become the person I am today.

In high school Ms. Stone was such a wild one! She was my drama and speech teacher. She helped me to develop my talents on the stage and off. She was my safe haven sometimes where I could tell her my silly teen drama and also talk with her about my future. She was a true inspiration and still is.

Also in high school was the late Mr. Higgins. Oh how I loved him and his classes. He was my history teacher and he was so charismatic! He always wore a jacket and tie which I thought was so classic. He would let me dress up as historical women and do speeches for extra credit. Let's just say he told me that I was the first to ever dress up as, Harriett Tubman for an extra five points.

Lastly, Mr. White. He was my videography teacher. If you would have told me that I would have been doing what I'm today, back when I was 17 I would have never believed you. He developed my creative side and helped me to have a better eye in shooting. Which has helped me here at WTAP!

Now I could get into talk about all my wonderful college professors, but I won't. These are just a few of the teachers who helped me develop into the person I am today! I know that teaching can be a stressful and a thankless job at times, so that's why I'm saying thanks now. Thank you to all the teachers I have and will never get the chance to have. You touch people's lives more than you will ever know.


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