Moving Day

By: Alan Longstreet
By: Alan Longstreet

Alan blogs (complains) about the rigors of moving day.



   When I was younger, 5 or 6 maybe, my family and I packed our bags and hit the dusty trail to head west.. So maybe I am painting a bit more dramatic picture than what really transpired.. We moved about 20 miles.. To a smaller town. Point is, we moved. And let me tell you, I had a blast during the actual move itself, late night pizza runs, making forts with empty boxes, packing peanuts and popping endless amounts of bubble wrap.. Really what dreams are made of. Well as young and naive as I was, apparently what I didn't realize was there was also hard work involved.. You know, the actual moving of the furniture from house number ,1 to the truck, and then from the truck to house number 2.. Doorways are not made nearly wide enough.

   Well, I've got this girlfriend.. From back home. 400 miles away. Not the most promising of situations for a relationship to thrive in.. Doomed to failure eventually. Something had to be done. So after months and months (haha) of pestering her to move down to the MOV, I finally won her over.. We decided on this past weekend for the big move. Little did I know, she would expect me to fly down to help her with the move, drive the truck down, etc.. The nerve.. Oh well, moving is fun, right?? Well, seeing as how the last major move I took part in was that enjoyable experience as a youngster, yes, I thought so, bring on the move girlfriend, i'm ready when you are.. I realize I myself just moved here a couple of months ago, but the thing is, I have no furniture. Literally own nothing to my name, so I just threw the essentials (my clothes and a tv) into the Probe and drive off into the sunset. Not that big of a deal.. Well I would learn soon, the ugly truth about moving.

   I flew in on Friday, which, in theory would leave plenty of time to move up a one bedroom apartment into a truck and move it to the new location. And it would have been, had we not fallen prey to that nasty procrastination bug that plagued me so greatly through finals week. So unfortunately we waited until Sunday to start. Which still would be enough time.. If we didn't wait until afternoon to start. And we didn't stop for an hour break after we moved every single item into the truck. Of course we did all those things.. And didn't end up leaving until after 5:00 pm.. Now if case you haven't put two and two together yet, let me help you out. A 400 mile drive amounts to about a 7 hr drive, which would put our ETA to home sweet home and a bed to lay my tired little head on around midnight.. Seeing as how this wonderful schedule of mine has me at work by 3:00 am that doesn't leave me with a whole lot of sleep.. So, folks, if I have seemed a little off the past couple of days.. It's because I am!

  I guess I've complained enough. I'm done drowning in my own over dramatic sorrows. I'll stop now. The worst is over now and if anyone has stayed and read through this novel of a blog and cares to know, the truck is finally unpacked and everything is into the apartment in a semi-organized pattern and now I look forward to this weekend which will consist of me, in my bed, sleeping for 48 consecutive hours.

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