Bath Salts Scandal or Crisis?

Law enforcement seems united against Bath Salts. So what's the delay?

Many years ago, we had a video sent to our station for showing during a full staff meeting.  It was a documentary that graphically showed the damage that Meth was doing to people.  Teeth, gums, funds, health, lives.... all ruined.

If you ever had a thought that you might someday try this stuff, it was enough to convince you otherwise.

I often wondered why our corporate management was so concerned about showing us the impact of this epidemic.  But based upon the chilling effect that it had upon us all, I guess the point is clear.  They didn't want to loose any of us to this cancer.

Now, a new epidemic is climbing the hit list... so-called "Bath Salts".

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that this stuff is driving people crazy for days at a time.  Efforts are underway to outlaw it, first in WV, and now in Ohio.  Why?\

I think the proof is in seeing of the damage done.

If you've ever seen footage of people screaming and being driven out of their minds by hallucinations, you get the point real fast.

Now, I'm sure there's somebody out there thinking, "Gee, he sure swallowed the party line awfully quick.  I wonder what's in it for him to come out against this currently legal stuff?"

It's simple.  If you've ever seen a person out of their mind.... crazy... non-functioning... you'd never wish it on anyone.  And to think that someone might do this VOLUNTARILY to themselves... well, it'll break your heart.

So, recently, I've heard some anonymous reports saying, "But it's still legal..."

That loop-hole is being closed as we speak.  Some have said, "Oh we shouldn't try to deal with criminalizing this... it's the state's area."

I can't come out  loudly enough against that position.  It's ALL our problem when health resources, emergency response and community lives are at stake.    ANYTHING that can be done to discourage the use, sale and attempt to legitimize this stuff is not wasted.

Some people in WV claim they didn't know that the state had  made it illegal.  Too bad.  If you're going to deal in this area, you need to keep up with the news.  Ditto, we in the media can publicize the trends against this stuff and tell people how bad it is.

Hopefully, it will keep someone from trying it in the grace period before laws are enacted against it.

That's my big fear.  That someone sitting on a stockpile of this stuff is going to try to push it out the door so they can get some money out of it.

That's why I urge city councils and any governmental body to come out against it and spread the word about how bad it is.

Just as our corporate leaders SHOWED us what Meth leads to, so should we all warn our families and friends how bad Bath Salts are.

A mind is a terrible thing to lay waste.

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