High Heat Advisory and Those who Like Summer Sweat

Some people feel they need to send poison pen letters when they don't like what they hear on the weather. Imagine that!

This is my personal blog and does not represent the opinion of the station, my family nor anyone else. And it is certainly not a news story...just a blog.

Recently, the heat has strayed up above 90 degrees in the valley, and when that happens, something always happens around here.

The Hate Mail begins.

Usually, it takes the form of a person complaining when the weather person talks too much about the heat.  They think that people should just be used to the warm temperatures and too much is being made over the heat.

The fact of the matter is that the National Weather Service sends heat warnings, heat advisories, and posts detailed descriptions about how serious this heat wave is.  They go into much more detail than we do about how to cope with, deal with or treat those who are suffering from: Heat Stroke, Heat Exhaustion, or Heat illnesses.

To NOT pass along the heat advisory would be a gross neglect of duty.  And while we hear from people all the time who say, "I like the heat, more than the cold" or "I prefer winter to summer", most do not write poison pen letters to me.  (But there are exceptions.)

My experience is when it gets cold, the people talk about the cold.  When it gets hot, people talk about the heat. When it snows, they talk about the snow, and when it rains, they talk about the rain.

But this goes beyond just talk.  This is a serious situation where many who cannot afford central air conditioning, or cooling fans, try to ride out the heat inside their homes or not repair their vehicle's cooling system or air conditioning. This is particularly true of the elderly on a fixed income, who's body cooling systems are not functioning as well as they used to.  The risk is death.

THAT is why we continue to hammer away at the concern due to high heat and the necessary steps to go cool down in the library, the pool, the stores, the restaurants.  And we try to remind others to poke their nose into your neighbor's business to assure that the elderly and relatives are coping with the heat...that they are sending their kids to the free pool...that they are going to the beach or making plans on how to cope with the high heat.

Most of us just get cranky when exposed to high heat, day in and day out...and we know that there is light at the end of the tunnel...a break in the weather,  the season will change, or we are going to relax on  the weekend.  But when it gets hot, all tempers tend to fray and we snap at one another.

I would ask that those of you who enjoy the heat, do so and not  try to impose your will on the rest of the population.  Certainly, I recognize a false name, a poison pen letter or a veiled threat for what it is. People blowing off steam. 

And, despite complaints, we will continue to talk about weather extremes when they occur. As we should.

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