Bloopers Live On!

Kermit Schaefer may be gone, but the occassional blooper still creeps in!

This is my own personal blog, not a news story, nor anyone else's opinion, not the station, no one else!

If you haven't already heard the term "Blooper", it most commonly refers to a mistake on TV or in movies where the unexpected happens.  A 1950s producer made a killing when he released an LP or two that contain some of the most famous and funny radio bloopers in history. His name is Kermit Schaefer, and he is forever remembered in that long lived show, "Blooper, Bleeps and Practical Jokes."

And while it doesn't happen very often, it sometimes occurs that a microphone is left on, or opened at the wrong time, and sometimes comments not intended, make it on air.

Ronald Regan had fun with a fake nuclear missile announcement once.

A kiddie show host embarrassed himself and got himself fired over a famous slip.

Even the newspapers have famously reported the wrong winner in a national race, though you would be hard pressed to call that a "blooper".

By the way, a "blooper" is short hand lingo for "Blue Pencil", and editor's tool that indicates something to be struck out or removed.  There was a famous Ellery Queen TV episode that drove this point home in the 1970's.

But this week, I got caught in a blooper moment  when our technology failed.  As we prepared to record what's known as a 15 second tease, (something I have always disliked, but accept as a part of our industry) the technology failed us, and our studio was put live on-air.  Before anyone noticed it, we were doing microphone tests, and assured that all was well, as we prepared to record the tease, and did so.

About that time, somebody noticed that I was live on air, and so, I stood still and waited to hear "cut".  It never came... the techs in the backroom were scrambling to figure out why we were on air, and how to correct it.

Still, I'm rather proud that I correctly estimated the 15 second length and that I did the tease in "one-take."  I'm not so proud that our banter to test the mikes made it out on-air, but that's what happened.

You can't take it back, you can't yell at anyone.  You just have to grin and bare it.

And you remind yourself that while living and working in this industry, that microphone that you're wearing, or laying on the desk next to you just might be live at any time.  And so, you keep your opinions to yourself, and you keep your language and body language rated G at all times. 

It's just a price of living in the digital age, as many owner of digital cameras and facebook pages know already.

But you guard against it happening again.  And you look for the technical slip that causes the problem. Nobody does this on purpose... it's a human error that a technical slip wasn't caught sooner.  And so I blame no one.  They already feel bad and know that the heat is upon them. And so I feel for them, and I don't make it any worse.

I just ask that they watch for the error next time, and take steps to prevent it.  That's all any of us can really expect out of humans and technologj'adj'lajkdfhl;ahseryut,.sdt..a.

***PS: I've intentially left a few mistakes in this entry. Does that make them "bloopers?"

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