Teachers Make All Other Professions Possible!

By: Brenna Slavens
By: Brenna Slavens

Brenna gives praise to teachers and reflects on her days in school!

While on a trip to Lake Erie and on Kelley's Island I walked by a sign on a school that said "Teachers Make All Other Professions Possible," it got me thinking.    This quote, in my opinion, is true.  Where would we be without teachers?  I've learned pretty much everything I know from a teacher or a professor.  Teachers help mold young minds and have a huge impact on your life.  That's why I want to say THANK YOU to all of the wonderful teachers that influenced my life and help me become who I am today.

When I reflect back on my years in school I think of a few teachers who really stuck out and really made a difference to me.

When I was 5 I was so excited to start kindergarten,  there were two teachers and I was lucky enough to get Mrs. Smith.  Mrs. Smith always had us doing what I thought at the time was only fun exercises, but now that I'm older I know these activities were also educational.  I lost my first tooth in Mrs. Smith's class, learned what recess was, and  learned how to share.  She was always so patient with us which is something I admire.

My mother is a teacher, along with both grandmothers and my grandfather.  Teaching runs in my family, and growing up I always thought it was "so cool" my mom was a teacher.  I remember going with her a couple of weeks before school started to help her decorate her room. She always had the best ideas for her room, and I loved that I got to help pick out some of her decorations.  I had my mom for seventh grade science.  This was a bit awkward at first, since I didn't know what to call her ( Mom or Mrs. Slavens?)  My mom has this awesome ability to make learning exciting, which I think would be hard to make science fun for 12 and 13 year-olds who have an attention span of 30 seconds.

In high school, I had many wonderful teachers.  There was a certain math teacher my freshman year everybody referred to as "the mean one."  Starting high school is scary itself, but knowing I had to go to my first class with the "mean teacher" made my first day a tad bit scarier.  I started to realize that this teacher wasn't scary at all, strict you bet ya, but not mean.  I liked to think of her as one of the " old school" teachers.  I learned so much from her and for that I'm grateful.

In college a lot of my professors thought of you as just another student.  My advisor, Dan Hollis, is one professor who really helped me become who I am.  When I first started college, I wasn't a broadcast journalist major.  Being a news anchor had always been a dream of mine, but I wanted to go to law school so I majored in political science...that was until I met with Professor Hollis in the spring of 2006.  He encouraged strongly to go into the broadcast field.  Out of all of the professors he really cared about his students and wanted to see them succeed.  I still talk to Dan and he still encourages me to be the best I can.

Sure, I've had my share of "bad" professors in college, and whether they know it or not they too helped mold who I am.  I had on professor who told me I would never succeed in broadcast journalism or get a job, at the time I was so angry and upset but it turned out that I worked even harder at the craft.  His comment only made me strive harder to be better.

Of course, all of my teachers I've had over the years I'm grateful for and all of them have taught me something new... and for that I want to say THANKS! :)

I don't think we give teachers enough credit for what they do everyday.  I remember hearing kids say to me "your mom is JUST a teacher."  I would say and still do say... "Yes, my mom IS a teacher and I'm proud of it. "  To me, a teacher isn't just a teacher.. a teacher touches your life in more ways than most people could.  They inspire, they create, they force us to think outside the box...but most importantly they TEACH us... things we would never know if it weren't for them.





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