Three Months Later

By: Alan Longstreet
By: Alan Longstreet

It's been a while guys. I'll ease ya back in.

  It's about time to blog again, I suppose. About two and a half months late. At least that's probably what my boss would say. Me, I think I'm right on time. Regardless, a lot can happen in a few months, and I would hate to overload my beloved followers (ha, Jason), so I guess I'll just give you a random stream containing a few of my thoughts/experiences over the past months.

  Life beyond college, albeit wonderful, has domesticated the crap out of me. I have become a semi-responsible (I do the dishes, but still don't clean my car), law abiding (wasn't I before?) and early rising (sleeping in is accomplished by eight in the morning) adult (sort of). I may complain about all of these things but really, it was time for a change. If it is possible to stock up sleep, similiar to AT&T's "roll over" minutes, the last two semesters of college would have stockpiled me with enough slumber to keep me rested through the end of the world (12-12-2012). I like being awake. It's nice.

  Facebook is a wonderfully creepy tool, one that I take full advantage of, but it would be helpful to find a way in which you could block every status pertaining to a particular event, i.e. every single Central Michigan Student I am friends with proclaiming how fantastic this coming weekends tailgate will be. I don't envy the homework, but I sure do miss those tailgates.  And I'm not interested in living vicariously through all your status updates. Stay off facebook, you suggest?? If you know me well enough, you know that will never happen.

  This summer has taught me that young Alan was in many ways, an idiot. See, when I was younger, summer was by far and away my favorite season. There was no close second. I swore I would live somewhere with only one season (summer) all year round. The hotter, the better, I thought.  What a silly young child I was. Currently I'm holding my breath until the temperature drops below "Alans sweat threshold" for good. I don't ask for much. Somewhere in the 60's will suffice. The weatherman in me thinks this will be sometime late this week. I think Scarlett (my wonderful girlfriend who deals with the sweat problem firsthand ) will be happy with this development as well.
  Moderation is a marvelous concept. It can be tough to execute though. My current pitfall -- doughnuts. I walk into work every single morning greeted by two dozen freshly baked pastries, and let me tell you, it is tough to stop at one. Today is the day though. From this point forward, I will limit myself to one doughnut a day.. Tops. One a day still seem a bit gluttonous?? Not a tough enough goal? Give me time folks. Rome wasn't built in a day.

  Why would anybody drink coffee when there's excedrin and why would anybody pay sixy or seventy bucks plus for a cell phone plan when there is Boost Mobile or Metro PCS? Please, someone, enlighten me.

  Which brings me to my next point, Happy birthday Andrea, the big two-six. Sure wish I could partake in the celebrations, or at the very least, vocally extend my well wishes on my cell phone. Unfortunately, I've used 448 of my allotted 450 minutes for the month and have quite some time to go until they reload. Free nights? They don't start until way past my bedtime. Hopefully this will suffice for now.

  I suppose this is where I will leave off for now. Hopefully I can kick this nasty three month procrastination habit I've got and keep churning these out on a consistent basis. Wish me luck.


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