Trick or Treat? No, Thanks

Is Halloween an "adult thing"...or like Trix cereal, is it for kids?

I remember the last time I went "trick or treating" on Halloween.

I was 11 years old. It was my last year in elementary school. And, years before Roberto Duran, I said, in essence, "no mas".

I can't really say I was "growing up".  After all, I watched cartoons (one in particular) on TV until I was 13, but I eventually lost interest in that, as well.

There were a couple of factors. One, I have never been...even as a child...a big candy eater. I want to think, although I'm not really sure, that I looked at that bag full of candy I would never touch and said, "this is for youngsters, not for someone who will be a teenager in a couple of years".

I guess I was wrong.

Last year, while doing a story about the "hot" Halloween costumes, I encountered an older lady who was buying costumes for her son.  Her son who is middle-aged.

I guess adults do go out on Halloween, or at least attend Halloween parties. I guess we all have the idea from time to time that we want to be someone (or something) else once in a whiile.  That might suggest we aren't all that happy with who we really are, but this isn't meant to be about psychology.

Perhaps we all remember the fun we had dressing up as our favorite characters and hitting up the neighbors for free goodies. That's fine, if we want to have the memories, but living it all over again is another matter.

And in this age where it seems every adult (unfortunately) comes under suspicion, I wouldn't want adult strangers mingling with children at night in the dark. At least not adults who aren't the kids' parent or legal guardian.

A last thought: all these folks, young and old, buying costumes and candy has reportedly made Halloween, in terms of sales, the second-biggest "holiday" of the year, next to Christmas.

Does that mean we should get Congress to declare it a legal holiday?

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