Tattoo Who?

Why I don't want what "everyone else" has.

There's been a lot of talk lately about tattoos...whether people who wear them can be required/forced to remove them.
That will never be an issue with me.  I don't have one...and I don't intend to have one.
Some time within the last 20 years...tattoos went from "out there" to "cool" to "acceptable".  While they've always been around in some fashion, I think that it was in the late 1980's, when the "Heavy Metal" rockers were hot, that more people began sporting them.
I compare it to the late 1960's, when more and more young men were growing their hair long.  When was the last time you really paid attention to an adult male with shoulder-length hair?  That's how commonplace it has become.
Not that I turn my nose up at them, or at long hair, or body piercings, for that matter.  My favorite rock band (I can be seen in my off-hours wearing its T-shirts) has all three.
But none of that is for me. In spite of the casual wear, I do have to present a certain image when I go out in public.  A visible tattoo, in a "conservative" town, might affect that.
Plus, I'm not crazy about someone "drawing" pictures on my arms (or some other part of my body) with a needle, or, if necessary, removing them.  And I don't know what people in my family might think (actually, I do).
So I don't exactly feel deprived having what "everyone else" has (not really). I accept it as a condition of what I am and what profession I've chosen.
Again, I don't have any issue with others wearing a tattoo. Just don't expect me to.
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