Are People "Going Postal" Over No Saturday Delivery?

Prediction: some will miss it, some won't care.

After years-maybe decades-of talking about it, the U.S. Postal Service may finally end Saturday mail delivery.

Reaction from Congress, which has been asked to legislate it before, but hasn't, was predictable.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, who has rallied for "keeping our fiscal house in order", said there are other ways of eliminating "waste and fraud" from the Postal Service's budget rather than eliminating "something vital" to Americans.

I agree about "eliminating waste and fraud", Senator, but waste and fraud has different meanings to different people.

For a long time, people were opposed to eliminating Saturday delivery.  But that's back when the mail service was considered almost a birthright to everyone.  It may still be to older people, but what's causing the Postal Service to lose money is that people have other ways of getting messages and bills out, and even get checks.  They're going out electronically.  Starting next month, the Social Security Administration is going 100% to Direct Deposit, something it has been promoting for years.  The phrase, "The Check's In The Mail" is one more common saying that may be disappearing.

I have no memory of this in my lifetime, but my dad told me a few years ago that, at one time, the mail was delivered twice a day.  That hasn't happened in decades, and I don't even hear older people getting nostalgic about it.  Saturday is one day out of the week, and, to be positive about this, it means one less day I will have to clean "junk mail" out of my postal box.

I'm not 100% behind this. I'm still old fashioned.  I still send out my bills in the mail, believing that's a better way for me to keep track of where my money is going. But I'm also not totally blind. I realize, good or bad, more and more things are being done electronically.

The Postal Service says that, if this plan goes through (meaning if Congress or someone else doesn't block it), package delivery will still continue on Saturdays, and most post offices that are open now on Saturdays will continue to be open. So the mail isn't completely ending on weekdays.

Those complaining about the end of Saturday mail sound like those lamenting the end of the "Twinkie" a few months ago.  It isn't something they necessarily need, just something that's "always been there" that won't be any more.

I will admit though: it will take me a while to get out of the habit of going to my mailbox on Saturday.

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