Thoughts From Two Weeks

I may have been out of the valley for a while...but that doesn't mean I don't have some insights on what's been going on.

Why does the trial of a woman accused (and acquitted) of killing her two-year old become "the trial of the decade" coverage-wise, but the trial of a man accused (and convicted) of killing 11 women and hiding them inside and under his home for years hardly rate a mention in the national media (considering both alleged crimes are at least equally disgusting)?

I don't know if anyone will be pleased with the resolution of the debt ceiling talks (assuming there IS a resolution).  But that's what compromise is all about: living with something you don't like to get something you do.

While the nation may or may not default on its debts, isn't it great that we'll have pro football this fall? (Cleveland and Cincinnati, you don't have to answer that if you don't want to.)

Speaking of sports, someone at one of the regional sports channels did some research on this: the last time Cleveland and Pittsburgh's baseball teams were both in first place on July 20 was in 1921. Back then, you had just the American and National Leagues; no divisions.

Where I was, "Hot In Cleveland" was the phrase used more than any other to describe the weather of the past few days. Nice to know how predictable we can be.

I think the media reporting about the "hacking scandal" is missing the main point.  While everyone (with one exception) is making Rupert Murdoch into a pinata over this, the real issue is how easy it is becoming for anyone with adequate technical knowledge to break into our personal electronic devices.

Amy Winehouse now joins an "elite" group of musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Kurt Cobain.  And I know I'm not the first to note that.

And I'm afraid anyone who reads this will think I need another vacation.


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