Todd's FAQ's

Actually, there are just three of them.

There are three questions I'm asked so often, that I've decided to answer them in this forum.

First, I am in my 31st year at WTAP.  I started in September of 1980. And WTAP wasn't my first job.  I was news director at WBRJ Radio in Marietta (older people might remember it as "The Good Country") from 1978 to 1980.

Second, no I am not a native of Parkersburg or the Mid-Ohio Valley.  I was born and initially raised in Northeast Ohio (primarily the Cleveland area), before my family moved to Northern New York State when I was six years old.  I returned to the Cleveland area in 1969, eventually moving to Mentor, Ohio, where I graduated from high school. My first real trip to this area came when I went to college at Ohio University in 1974. It was 1978 before I really saw much of West Virginia.  This question comes, I believe, because, like Roger Sheppard, Jim Wharton and the late Glenn Wilson, among others, I have been at the station a long time. And people have approached me, insisting they remember me from Parkersburg High or Parkersburg South High School.  Sorry...I admit I didn't even hear of them until I came to the area.

The third question: when am I going to retire?  Believe it or not, the station might have more to say about that than I do.  People may think, because I haven't been that adamant about hiding my gray hair (as Bob Barker did for a while), that I'm older than I really am. (I'm 54.) The answer I often give people to that question, and not totally in jest, is: "Well, I would retire today, but my investments, my bank account and my Social Security have other ideas."  So, barring a sudden event, such as change in my job status or a winning lottery ticket, I plan to stay around for a while.

Thanks for asking.

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