10 Things I Would Change in Sports

If Jim were king of the Sport World things would be run differently

If I were bestowed with the power to rule the Sports World, here are 10 things I would decree.

No more offsides penalty in high school soccer.  Fans don't understand the rule, and it would make the game more exciting with more scoring opportunities.

Move up the starting times in high school football to 7:00pm.  Fans still have time to get to the games,  Players would get home from most road trips before midnight.     And the media would love the high schools for it.

Bring back the "radioactive" puck for NHL TV games.     FOX sports experimented with a puck that glowed and  blazed a trail on the TV screens during slap shots.   Hockey is tough to watch on TV and  this innovation gave the telecast a video game look to it.

Mulligans in the Majors.  Mulligans are as  much a part of golf for the average Joe as gambling.    There's enough pressure as it is playing against the world's best players on the world's best courses.  So each player would get 1 mulligan per major.   So you would have to use it wisely.  Think how many more majors Greg Norman or Phil Mickelson would have if only  they had a second chance. 

Raise the rim and expand the dimensions of the court in the NBA.   If Dr. Naismith were around to hang his peach baskets at a current NBA game, he would think he was in the Land of the Giants.  

Ban the designated hitter rule in baseball.  Make pitchers hit, hitters field, and managers manage.

While on the topic of baseball, put Pete Rose  in the Hall of Fame while he's still alive.   Rose was always hailed as a "throwback" player from an earlier era for his hustle and take no prisoner attitude on the ball diamond.  As we have since learned, he also played hard...just like those players from an earlier era.   He's paid is debt to society.   It's time to put baseball's all time hit leader in the Hall of Fame.

NASCAR races in the rain.   Put windshield wipers and rain tires on those machines and see if there are any "mudders" among the horsepower thoroughbreds.

Implement a playoff in major college football.  Every other division of NCAA football has a playoff, it's time for the Division 1.   The Bowl Championship Series  is arbitrary and elitist.  Seed 16 or 32 teams and let them have it   The higher seed would have home field advantage til the semifinals.   The semifinals and final sites would rotate between traditional former bowl cities in Florida, Southern California, Arizona and New Orleans.

The NFL should  declare a war on injuries.  They should spend whatever it takes to research and develop new technology for better helmets, pads, and surgical procedures to minimize injuries.   It's intolerable that a teams entire season goes down the drain due to  a blown out knee or broken collar bone.   They say that injuries are a part of football.  But they also said man would never walk on the moon.










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