Is He Speaking English?

The Irish have some cute expressions!

While touring Ireland, we have run up against some interesting cultural quirks.  Here's just a few of them that we have heard from our bus driver/tour guide.

For example, the WTAP News at Six ends at "Six Turdy" or "Half of Six".  Our favorite one is when he reminds us to return to the motor coach by "Tree Turdy".

A dentist office is a "Dental surgery" here.  Most doctors of medicine are "surgeons".

A Pharmacy may be called that, or more likely a "chemist" or "Medical shop".

The bathroom or restroom is a "Water Closet" or "Toilet".  To inquire where the bathroom is might make one wonder why you would want to take a bath in their establishment!

The showers are controlled by two different knobs that must be turned after pressing the click stop fail safe. The lower one is the temperature control.  The higher one is the force of the water stream.  At the sink, the hot water is not necessarily on the left.

  Lighting in the men's room or women's room toilets are likely to be CFR bulbs, giving a very very sterile blue light throughout the room in smaller operations.  Larger concerns, like hotels, have toilets as well designed and finished as modern art!

Sports is of major importance here.  Annual competitions in hurling, a rough game of football with the use of hands, between rival counties, is avidly followed by locals.  Cell phones are common, and fans call each other through the semi-final & final games to taunt one another!

They drive on the left side of the road here. Why? Because in olden days, a knight would carry his lance in his right hand and arm, to meet the oncoming opponent.  When horse carts came along, it continued. And so it did with motor cars.  They think WE drive on the wrong side.

As a result, it is critically important to look BOTH ways when stepping off a curb, so you don't get struck from behind!

Gasoline is about $1.24 PER LITTER.... making it about $9.00 gallon.  There are few large cars on the road.  Motor coach, buses, trains and mass transit is normal here. More than one car at home is not expected, because there is such little place to park them.

A parking lot is a "car park".

Take out food is "take away".

A raincoat is a "Mack".

A sausage is a "banger".  A "kipper" has still yet to be determined.  They eat LARGE Mushroom caps for breakfast!  Yum!

If you ask for Pepsi here, you will probably get a Coke a Cola!  Same goes for a Diet Pepsi, you could get a Diet Coke!

Water is assumed to be the normal beverage (except for Guinness beer) and if you ask for a glass of Milk, you're likely to get cream, heavy milk, or full milk.  2% is non-existent so far in our travels.  Skim milk can be found.

But ice is almost a non-existent concept.  You may get a few cubes in your drink, but nowhere near the amount we get in the USA in every drink!  It just doesn't exist.

The temperature range almost never climbs into the 80s, nor below 50.  So freezing ice & snow are not common here.

Never ask an Irishman how to say "Thank you, ma'am" in Gaelic.  If he's playful, he might tell you the three word combination that tells the person to "do something else

And finally, a favorite T-shirt may found in many gift shops : "The leprechauns made me do it!"..."The leprechauns made me drink it!"..."The leprechauns made me take it!"... or "I see little people!"


More later....


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