August 22, 2014


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Conditions at Parkersburg, Mid Ohio Valley Regional Airport, WV
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New Thoughts on an Old Topic

I turned my thoughts to a familiar topic this week.

I came across a great idea to write about earlier today...

there's only one problem.

I can't remember what it was.

I didn't write it down, but it was so good, I knew that I could work out the idea and do a nice piece on the concept.

But I didn't write it down.

Now, there's some of my co-workers who chide me when this happens.

Why didn't you text it to yourself, they say...  Here's you can just do this with your cell phone to record it...

This isn't easy to do when you're driving, but it's something that might work.

Unfortunately, I'm part of that generation that is getting older, and our memories aren't quite as fresh.

I can only hope that my mind wanders down the same path again soon, or is jogged by the same ideas this week.

Stay tuned, maybe it'll return to my brain and I can share it next time...


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