It Never Fails....

We're expected to know EVERYTHING on any subject!

It happened again to me this last weekend.

My family and I were driving in the yellow van somewhere, when we stopped at fast food restaurant for a quick bite to eat.

The car along side ours began to unload, and the family began to stare at me.

I struck up a conversation about their vanity license plate, and then the questions started....

"Are you Chris Greenfield from the Weather?  We watch you all the time..."

"What's going to happen with DTV in February?  Will we still be able to see you?"

"What ever happened to that pretty girl, you know the one... she left a while ago. What was her name?"

"Do you read your own news or is it all memorized?"

"You're a lot taller in person.  We had no idea you were that tall..."

"What's the best brand DTV Converter to buy? Do I need that if I have cable?"

Usually, I'm not bothered by these questions, because it's only natural to acknowledge someone who comes into your living room each night.  I have some answers for some of the questions, but I'm always surprised by a new one.

Tonight, it was "Do you know where the Purple Palace is? There's a playoff game there tonight, and we're not sure where to go in this distant town..."

I was stumped, but the couple at the neighboring table was able to answer with accurate directions.

The one that I get more an more often deals with digital television.  I guess since I did a special series on the topic and the change over that is  to come, it's only natural that people start asking me about their situation. 

I have to point out that though I am confident about what's going to change, the solution to their particular reception problem would only be a guess for me.  It occurs to me that an enterprising soul could make a lot of money selling their installation services.

I would caution anyone who considers buying installation of an antenna system, converter or new digital TV set to get a guarantee of results... to try to avoid any fly-by-night technicians.

One resource that IS available 9-to-5 is the WTAP Engineering Department.
Today, I was shown some of the reception reports and signal coverage area of the new digital channel.  The factors involved are many, and you need a qualified person who understands the reception variables to answer questions.

Fortunately, we have many such outlets in our community.

But it won't stop the questions, when I'm out and about.  And I'll try to answer them, except, I'm no expert. 
"I only play one on TV"... to quote an old television commercial!
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