A Mighty Wind

You thought the wind gusts last week were something?

Everyone has a tale to tell...

how bad the winds were, how the old tree came down, how a neighbor narrowly avoided being killed...

Well, we had a pretty good indication of how strong those 70 mph plus wind gusts were as well...

You know how many businesses have an American flag on their flag pole?  How it stays out there in all kinds of weather, through rain and hail and snow and sun?

This week, our flag gave in to the high winds... one of the two spring-loaded  clips let go....

The result was a flag twisting and turning in the wind, from one last grommet.

No, don't worry... it never touched the ground, but there will have to be some repairs made.

It's just one of those things that you take for granted... the permanence of an American Flag in the background.

Good thing we've got a flag shop in the area!

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