"I Hab a Cood" or Hay Fever Time in the MOV

If you have a scratchy throat, odds are it's seasonal allergy time again!

I taught about 'riting dis hole blog in a stuffy nose dialog.. but it's just too hard to do... so imagine me with a pugged up node! Alright?

One of the things about growing up that you take for granted is Spring Hay Fever.

I remember vividly my father suffering for a week or two when ragweed pollen and other pollens were floating about.

He would hack and cough, and whip out his handkerchief to catch his sneeze with less than a moment's notice.

But it never bothered me.  As a boy of 8 or 9 or 10, I had no idea what he was going through, but my older sister did.  She also suffered from what our family called "Hay Fever".

I took it for granted that it was just something that the two of them had picked up, and mom and I were blessed with not having to deal with.....yet.


How true that last line turned out to be.

Each year as I get into my fifties, I find I forget about the scratchy throat, the loss of voice, the stuffed up sinus and the running nose... until it suddenly springs upon me with the grace and savageness of a tiger!

It happened just last week suddenly on a Wednesday, as I started to feel weak and achy all day, and then by nightfall, my throat became so raw, I couldn't swallow.

Thank goodness for Allison Rhea and her small bag of Hall's cough drops. It was the ONLY thing that allowed me to get through both the 10 p.m. Fox news and our 11 p.m. newscast.  I had just three candies, but each one lasted me long enough to get through the news and then make a run for home.

I thought it was a cold at first, and made a run to Kroger's to buy some Scope mouthwash, but it never really did the trick. Only Halls did!

I bought an extra value pack of drops the next day... 160 drops in all, and I figure I might have over bought just a little bit!  At least, when the next poor person is struck down in their prime, I'll have a sack to offer them, like Allison did for me.

I don't recall how long the bought lasts, but I'm on my second antibiotic prescription from the doctor today, as I sit home resting in bed.  I'm not sure really how much this bed rest will help, but I have the impression that I'm saving up my energy, ready to come back into work tomorrow and deliver that weather-cast in fine voice. (Alright, at least, with some voice, even if it's not in perfect pitch!)

I know some of my coworkers will insist that I'm just goldbricking... playing hooky on the first nice day this week... but I wouldn't wish this on any of them.  The miserable feeling when you HAVE to talk isn't fit for man or beast, to mix metaphors here.

But one thing I'm sure of now.... I'm my fathers son, and I got it too...in the end!

*Footnote: I think I've found someone to share my misery with.... Lauren Weppler also has the allergy, and she says her head is about to pop!  Now I feel better!

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