Can't Stop 'Til You Get Enough

Is the attention to Michael Jackson's death going overboard?

We've all seen the headlines, the interviews, the memorials, the videos...

The King of Pop is gone.  Michael Jackson died about two weeks ago.

It was a little of a surprise to me, as I had just joined  a newscast at home as a ticker crawled information about "Jackson was being treated by a personal physician" and it took me a little while to realize WHICH Jackson had died. (Jesse? Stonewall? Joe?)

Some are claiming that the media coverage is too much.

Some say they tried their best to avoid hearing any Michael Jackson songs last week,  tuning away every time one came up on a radio station.

But the fact of the mater is that he was one of the most "videoed" modern, popular performers ever.  There are literally hours of hit rock music videos available, and the amount of concert footage, interviews and other material to draw upon is huge!  So the massive volume of video available virtually guarantees continued coverage of every aspect of his story, life & death.

In fact, one staff member commented that they wouldn't be surprised if someone opened a "Michael Jackson Cable Channel" 24 hours a day!

Well, I think that's going too far, especially since so many different entities have various rights to the videos, interviews, shows, performances, etc.

The fact of his passing is news.

The fight over his estate is news.

The disposition of his famous family is news.

But the endless comments by fans and professionals that he "broke barriers" and "touched so many" are beginning to border upon the ironic.

I'm not saying that he doesn't deserve recognition.  He is critically important to at least one entire generation of performers and fans.

But those of us who remember the innocent Michael Jackson of "ABC", "Never Can Say Goodbye", "I'll Be There" and "I Want You Back", are having difficulty reconciling the young MJ with the later years and scandals.

Though unproven, the stigma of the accusation goes a long way with the older generation, and it will always be part of the legacy of Michael Jackson.

I just wish that we could let him Rest in Peace.

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