Putting in the Spin

Everyone's got an angle.. but is that good for us?

Here's the topic I was trying to get to last week, when I was so dramatically distracted by a possible balloon boy escape...

I was listening to a number of talk show hosts last week... on topics that ranged from the "balloon boy's family" to the "national conspiracy to get us to take the swine flu vacine"!  (I should add right now that I don't subscribe to either of these theories to support a conspiracy.)

No matter what your political bend, it seems that everyone has an opinion on something...  Obama, balloon boy, health care, politics, pot, the draft, the military, the war, global warming, etc.  The list never seems to end.

Oh, I know, this is how the moderators keep employed... "what is the latest 'hot button' issue and how can we exploit it?"

I want to point out that there was actually a policy in the late 60s and 70s when I went through college and media studies that  stated "The more voices in the marketplace, the better informed public we'll have."   And while I agree at a certain level that that is true, there seems to have been a swing SO wide that we now have HUNDREDS of voice that are constantly clamoring for attention.

Personally, I'm thinking that the truth is getting lost in the din of so many voices crying, "FOUL", or "Watch me" or "It's all a conspiracy!"

Watching a recent documentary on the JFK assassination and the hours just after our president was shot in Dallas in 1963, I was struck by how many people have tried to spin the hesitation and uncertainty of how to proceed into "proof" that a conspiracy was afoot.

When I was in college, Mark Lane and others were just gaining the national spotlight with claims that there was a second shooter... and the question of whether the Warren Report was correct or not was just gaining strength.  Years later, Oliver Stone would take this morbid curiosity to an absurd level and spin the story into a national conspiracy that has colored our country for years.

Now, I'm not suggesting that ANY of these theories or commentators are right...  I'm just amazed that with the entry of the Internet into our "information dissemination" that so many people have found  a platform to sound off on.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing?

It depends on who you listen to.

'Tonight, our panel of guests will debate this and show you why it's a national conspiracy to control our minds.... '

(GIVE ME A BREAK!  Sometimes I just wish all the nay-sayers would just shut up and leave the news to the experts!   How about you?)

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