Global Warming: Bring it On???

I'd like to respond to someone who made some erroneous claims in a story comment. Their point: Bring On The Global Warming, We Could Use It. Oh really?


Last week, a person responded to a story posted on our website with some erroneous claims of their own.

On the surface, they make some interesting connections, but when you think about it, they are full of beans.

Let me respond to each line of their comment which is in bold (And I've corrected their spelling and grammar):

This climate change is a hoax!  Take a walk outside, & tell me there is global warming.  This is a common misconception. You can't predict the weather solely by looking out your window.   That's like walking outside during the summer in early-morning and claiming that it couldn't possibly be a hot day today, because it's so nice out at the moment.  But the global warming evidence is overwhelming when you look at the big picture.

If there is, I'd like to see it.   Oh no you wouldn't.  Global warming has some very serious implications that would certainly make life more difficult for many many people. Droughts, flooding, change in crops and food supplies, sea levels rising, changes in the number of strength of hurricanes, and changes in the gulf stream currents.

The average temp for the last two years around here has been 15 - 20 below normal.  How is that warming?  Different parts of the globe see different initial impacts from global changes in temperature.  Again, can you judge the overall trend based upon just two impressions of two years?  The global average temperature has unquestionably climbed since about 1850, when the industrial revolution started.  The link is unmistakable.

   We could stand for a little global warming. it would make summer longer,
(No it wouldn't.  Summer lasts just as long as it takes for the earth to orbit the sun. Summers would become even hotter, not longer.)

give us a longer growing season, (possibly slightly, but certainly hotter and drier)

thus lowering food prices...  lower heating bills... (and dramatically raise cooling costs, don't forget) 

lots of good could come from some global warming.  Bring it on.

The problem is that global warming has been going on steadily. Since we first began to suspect that it might be occurring (in the 1960s), we as a society have decided to do nothing.  The problem is that the effects of global warming have been in motion so long while we did nothing, that we are already saddled with the effects for 50 or so years to come.  It's too late to avoid the current conditions that are on the way.  We may have already passed some global trip switch but won't know it for years to come.

So you may get your wish.  Global warming is already here... and more is on the way...

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