Misunderstood Lessons

Our kids sometimes learn the wrong lessons...

On a lighter note this week, I am reminded of something funny that my son taught me a few years ago.

His birthday falls this week, and he received several birthday cards through the mail.  I handed them to him, recognizing the postmarks and return addresses as family members from around the region.

"Well, aren't you going to open them," I asked when he didn't move, but held out his hand as if for more.

"Yes" he affirmed, and kept his hand outstretched to me. "Can I see your car keys?"

"There aren't any more letters for you" I answered, "but what do you want my keys for?"

"To open my mail" he replied. 

He had seen me use my long car key to slit open my mail so  many times before that he never realized that we have a letter opener in the desk beside him.

My son always thought that that's what a car key was for.  -- A lesson taught that I didn't know I had passed on to him in error.


It reminds me of when I was five years old and my mother told me we were going down to the school to register me for kindergarten.  I was puzzled, but went along.

We got to the school, a massive brown brick structure built in the early 1900s, and though I saw lots of unique drinking fountains, steam radiators and ventilation grates in the walls, I was still very confused.

After we had waited in line, and my mom filled out some papers, we left.  I was stumped why we had left before I had gotten warm.

My mother was dumbfounded at my question. "Why do you think you need to get warm when it's mid-summer," she asked?

"Because whenever I come in from playing in the snow, you always tell me to go stand over on the REGISTER to get warm," I explained.

I didn't know there was any other use of the word air "register" when she repeatedly told me that we were going to the school to "register".


Oh, the things that we teach our children when we're not looking at the world through their eyes!

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