The Middle of the Night Call

Why does this always happen to me?


We all dread hearing the sound…that call in the middle of the night. Visions of urgent messages dance in your head, as you struggle awake.
We have a couple of family members who are in ill health. Plus a long time family pet that is long in years. Just yesterday, our kid sent us a text message expressing concern of the pet’s health and fearing that she may be dying soon.
So when the phone rings in the middle of the night, I jumped up and started a search in the dark for where my cell phone was left.
“Hello,” I answer sleepily.
“Um, Hello” answers a soft voice. “Were you asleep or something?”
Now I’m beginning to suspect this isn’t family.
“Sort of, I wasn’t soundly sleeping. It was a long flight…Ten hours. What’s up?”
“Oh, I’m sorry, Kirk. Are you on a different time zone or something” asks the caller?
“Yeah, it’s 3 a.m. here” I state firmly, but quietly. “What do you need?”
“Oh, well I was just wondering if it was going to rain today. See, we’ve got this flood watch and I was wondering if it’s serious enough to cancel our event…”
Now, my wife says I’m too nice to people. She says I ought to raise my voice when they call at odd hours like this. But this case really seems to takes the cake. This is the second time that a different person has called while we’ve been in a different time zone on a long trip, and claim they didn’t know I was so far away... or asleep.
Anyway, I never get upset: First, I have to deal with these people. So it doesn’t pay to become exasperated.  
Second, I’m already on the phone with them, and I have to realize that some people just don’t LIVE weather, like I have to. I'm considered the expert, and I should be flattered that they call and need my advice.
And Third, I think karma says ‘what goes around comes around’, or something like that.  So I try to respond with "good vibes".
So I don’t raise my voice, don’t yell, don’t tell the boss, don’t “do anything” about it… and much to my family’s annoyance.
Besides, I’m still half asleep. So I answer their question, and hang up, and struggle to get back to sleep. Now, there’s a fairly good chance I’ll be developing a migraine tomorrow. I just wish I could think of some gentle way to deal with this… but if I pop up and write an email, I’ll be even more awake. I’ll have to think of something while I try to get back to sleep at 3 a.m. (We’ll be getting up at 6:30 to prepare to go to the Arizona Memorial. It will be a full day…)
Hmmm…  maybe I should blog about it...  What do you think?
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