The Call in the Middle of the Night Part 2

The night still goes on forever.

It's been a long voyage home.

We departed Maui on Thursday at 6 p.m., boarding the flight at 9 p.m. Hawaiian, and then fl lying overnight.

We arrived in L.A., transferred planes within 45 minutes (not bad, considering) arriving at 5 a.m.

Then onto Atlanta, arriving about noon.  We board for Columbus, and then a two hour bus ride home. (See that news story elsewhere.)

So, after being up all night, you would think we would immediately crash and sleep at home. But instead, we unpack, show our trophies, start the laundry, (do the dishes that are backed up in the sink!) and talk and talk to our families, late into the night.

About midnight, everyone finally goes to bed.

I awake to the sound of my cell phone ringing in the middle of the night, once again.

It takes me awhile to figure out who and why someone might be calling me from the depths of my asleep. by the time I find my phone, the ringing has stopped, but I am unable to focus my eyes well enough to read the caller ID.

Its a text message, but I don't recognize the source.  I struggle to find reading glasses (oh, yeah, my favorite pair is still on Maui somewhere)  and read the message....


I shake my head. wonder why our "No-Call listing" doesn't filter out political messages.

I send back a reply message that I can't repeat here.... "STOP SPAMMING ME!"

I go back to bed.  But not for long...

My wife's cell phone rings.  I lunge for it, and answer before the ringing stops.  There is no one there, and there is no familiar phone number from a strange area code.  As I check the caller ID, the phone begins ringing, telling us that a voice mail has been left.

I wake her and hand the phone to her.  She thinks it may be the babysitter checking on us.  It's nothing important

We go back to sleep... or at least try....

And then the cell phone rings in my daughter's room.....

That makes three phone calls  in the middle of the night to each of our cell phones, disruptng our badly needed sleep on a night when we are supposed to be re-charging.

I'm ready to ban all calls, political, campaign or otherwise, from the No-Call list.   How about you?

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