Hawaiian Words

Things we take for granted.

Since returning, I've been thinking about things that I could have, or should have, done while in Hawaii.

I'm remembering all the exotic names, places, street signs and those places that I have enjoyed and been fortunate enough to return to see again.

And one of the things that is a guilty pleasure of mine, is watching other TV hosts who are also making the same trip that we did.  I enjoy reading their blog entries, remembering the places, and thinking about what they choose to share, and what I shared.

But two things jump out at me. 

 First, I'm at least somewhat familiar with the names of the islands and major towns in the state of Hawaii.  Not everyone is.

The temptation is to try to correct them, or their blog entries, when they make an obvious error in naming an island, or something similar.  But I have to remember that prior to my first trip, I didn't realize what a kingdom apart that island chain really is.

Think about it.  The Hawaiian alphabet is only 12 letters long.  That means EVERY word in their language is composed of the same few letters in recombination...and as a result, most sound unusually similar.  Those letters include  A, E, I, O, U ... H, K,  L,  M, N, P, W  and an accent mark. (I'm doing this from Memory, so if I got one wrong, don't hold it against me...)

So, it's not easy to spell all their names.  The alphabet was developed by early white missionaries, when they realized Hawaiian history was an oral tradition...with NO written language.  Pictographs, yes.  Writing, no.

Second,  the trips all vary, at least a bit, in the places and restaurants where we stayed.  So, it's not fair for me think that I know all of what's going on in their days and trips.  But I can relive vicariously the thrills and high points of the journey.

Plus, there will always be people who know more about the islands than I do, and they probably can spot the errors in MY blog entries and report that I shared with the readers.

And last, as the trip continues, the blog entries just seem to get shorter and shorter....not that we're doing any less, or seeing less... but we're trying to do MORE and it's hard to say everything that you feel you should... so you compromise.  You tell the high points, and then get out there to try to squeeze every last minute for all the pleasure of being in Hawaii that you can.

Who can blame anyone for wanting to do that?

A lot of people have said that they wish they could go, or that they wish they could return, or wanted to go...

So start saving your dimes, cause there are very similar trips leaving EVERY DAY... and the chances of our making another return trip (while not promised to ANYONE, even me...) are good in the next few years.  Hawaii has proved a VERY popular destination, and despite the ten hour flight there (and back)  it lives in my memory as a high point, and someplace that I would love to show off to others who want to come along.

Stay tuned.

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