Earth Day 2010*

What do we do about Earth Day this year?

Some years it sneaks up on you... Earth Day falls in the third week of April.My understanding is that it is observed on the third Sunday, but others insist that it is always April 22nd.  (Since writing this, I've confirmed that I'm wrong. It is always Aprill 22nd. Mea culpa!)

Does it really matter?

The important thing is that we observe it and make resolutions for the respect and improvement of our environment.  How you do that is up to you.

How clearly I remember my Junior High Science teacher reading the announcement of the first Earth Day to our class back in 1970.How excited we were to be part of something national.

Since then, I have heard the story of how a teacher came up with the concept and started promoting it locally, until it caught on. The idea has spread like wildfire, and is now an institution in many communities.

However, not every year gets the same amount of publicity as others.  So, we tend to forget.  We tend to overlook.  We don't dedicate one day to "earth concerns".

And recently, with political battles over "climate change, global warming, fossil fuels and more", the event has taken a back seat.

Just remember that "earth concerns" is not necessarily a dirty word.  There is nothing  wrong with planting a flower bed, or a tree, or improving your yard.  People have been doing that every Spring without thinking about conservation or political issues.

This year, I'm working on a rain catchment system.  Since observing large scale efforts in Hawaii, I have been inspired to try to act on my wife's request to catch rain water in the downspout for later use on the flower bed.  It's more work that you might think.  Try it, I challenge you.

Design a simple method of catching excess rainwater, storing it, and designing a way to re-use it when needed.

THAT's something that can be done ANY day, and not held just for Earth Day.


*PS: I was going to make a connection to the movie "Odyssey Two: 2010: The Year We Make Contact"   In the movie, the main action takes place on the way to Jupiter in a space craft. The scenes are carefully staged in clean, sterile environments that miss one main element.  In fact, you don't even notice it until one of the characters points it out.... "I miss Green"...

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