A Difficult Spring?

Is this Spring worse than any other?

As we get to the end of April, it's hard not to notice the flowering Dogwoods, the blooming flowers, and the budding of the trees.

Some will say that started in March, but I think as April rolls along, it's more and more certain that we'll be seeing these sights.

However, there are a lot of people who have been saying that this has been a really high pollen level season.  There are some who insist that they have only had a cold, but in fact, have been reacting to a pollen outbreak.

Last weekend, I was fine, walking from my car, past the lilac bushes  and into the house.  But a few minutes later, a large wind gust swept past those same lilac bushes, and in through our open patio door.

Instantly, I started hacking and choking, trying to clear my throat.  What's worse, is the choking started to make me gag, and I was doubled over as my stomach clinched. (Alright, enough of the graphic detail...you get the picture.)

My wife turned to look at me, puzzlement on her face, as I choked out a gasp for "water".  But she didn't move.

I lurched forward into the kitchen and grabbed for a glass to put under the tap.  Within a few seconds, I was rinsing my throat and swallowing much better.

Now, you may want to claim that this was just a coincidence, and I wouldn't want to say that those sweet smelling lilacs were bad, evil or responsible... but I know how suddenly this came on me, and how desperate I suddenly felt. (Thanks for nothing, honey.)

I immediately walked down the hall and into our master bathroom to run the shower.  Within minutes, I was standing under the shower with my head and hair soaked as my wife asked, "What's with the sudden shower?"

"Haven't you heard that one of the best treatments for pollen is to shampoo and wash the pollen out of your hair," I asked?

"You're crazy" she says, as she turns on her heal and leaves.

None the less, the warm water, the higher humidity and the supply of water all made my sinus and throat relax and improve.

I'm convinced.

What other home remedies do you have for seasonal hay fever or allergies?

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