Kirk's Travel Tips #3

Just how much should you take with you when you check out of your luxury hotel room? You might be surprised!

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So, after a night in a luxury hotel, just what can you pack in your bag and carry off?  The answer may vary from facility to facility.

But there are a couple of standard rules:

First, any soap, shampoo, hair net, shampoo cap, shoe shine kit, sewing kit, or similar personal service item packaged in the bathroom is yours to take, EVERY NIGHT OF YOUR STAY.  While some people can live off an individual shampoo bottle for a week, others remove them every day and placing them into their luggage.

While this may seem cheep and petty, there are some folks who pack several zip-lock bags in their luggage specifically for these mementos and amassing a lot for their home second bathroom or for gifts for the kids.

It's quite another matter when we get to towels and wash clothes. While some try to "score" a fluffy bath towel or two from the hotel, these must be replaced and the act of smuggling one into your bag is a form of theft. If you are not charged for the towel, the hotel must replace it and that drives room costs up for us all!

Now, several facilities have a fluffy bathrobe and slipper in the wardrobe for your use.  Usually, there is a sign, offering the robe to you AT THE REPLACEMENT COST. This is frequently at $75 or more per robe, and could prove a costly memento of your stay.  Some couples will want them, others can't afford to take them.  Make certain you know what you're going to be charged before using them.

Post cards, stationery, note pads and pens in the desk, are also available for your use and taking. Some people enjoy a note written on paper from the hotel, or post cards to remember their stay, but again, these are items that the hotel will replace, and they always cost money ultimately.

If you do decide to take those bottles of shampoo and conditioner, make certain their top is screwed on, and to place them in a zip lock baggie in the interior of your suitcase. You might include a note in that quart baggie to airport security that "We collect our shampoo samples".

But one type of bottle that doesn't travel well is the snap top cap, that slides off up off the plug. As an airplane pressurizes and depressurizes, these type of caps can frequently leak, and that's why you want them in a single or double zip lock baggie.  Experience shows this is a wise protective measure!  Be advised.

But why bother with this if you're on vacation?  Enjoy your trip and splurge on your personal care. Use up your toiletries and leave them behind.  Why not?  That's what they're there for!

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