Remembering Yesteryear

Do you remember stores, places, and logos that have vanished too?

On the way into work today, a feature on a low power radio station was an announcer/author reminiscing about how certain words were never used in public, let along on the radio.

He pointed out the introduction of "wall-to-wall", "percolator", "bra" instead of "brassier", and "pregnant" instead of "expecting", etc.

It started me thinking about Labor Day trips from my childhood, when the family all piled into the auto and we would drive across Michigan to see relatives, or go camping, or on family vacation.

My father would concentrate on the driving, and especially as the interstates were built, and when in major cities, he was recruit the rest of us to watch for specific gas stations or directional signs.

Most of the exits were right hand exits, and so, we would know to be in the right hand lane to take advantage of them. However, when we visited major metropolitan cities, where the highways and exits were more complex, it could be a challenge.   My father's favorite expression when not sure was that he would drive in the middle lane of the three lane expressway, because that way "I can only be wrong by one lane..." and able to adjust and move from lane to lane in time.

Of course, as the youngest with the best eyesight, I could spot the gas station logos and signs a long ways off.  My role was to identify when a "Standard" gas station was on the right side of the street.  Frequently, I'd be able to report, "Standard gas coming up on the right in three blocks, dad."

Sometimes I would help spot the exit signs well in advance. "I-15 exits right in a half a mile".

Nowadays, I don't think you could find a Standard gas station if you tried.  They've been swallowed up by somebody.  And so the logo or signs have all faded from sight.

And the eyesight has been changing as well.

I used to be the only person in the family without eyeglasses for years.  But that has changed as I've approached 50.

I remember my Dad getting his first pair of black horned rim reading glasses.

What a surprise when I starting needing something for the phone book first thing in the morning.

As we cross into middle age, it's not unusual to need some corrective lenses, but it's still a shock to discover that I can't read the fine print anymore, and multiple pairs of Wal-Mart reading glasses lay around our household.

Someday I'll need regular glasses or bifocals.  And we'll see just how that well that goes over on the air.

But I started this reminiscing thinking about products, stores and logos that have vanished over time.

Can you recall any that you miss?

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