Rock Around the Clock

There's a memory of mine that came back after a question about the soundtrack to Rock Around The Clock came up. Do you know the answer?

Recently, someone asked what songs were on the soundtrack recording for the old movie "Rock Around the Clock".   They bet that they must have been killer rock songs.

But the surprise is that there was never a soundtrack LP released of music from the film.


Think about it.  This was from the 50s, when Rock and Roll was young... artists or bands struggled to produce a hit song, and have it distributed on a 45 rpm "single".  As a result, different labels owned the rights for different bands.  And as this is how they made money...through sale of singles, they didn't want to give away their cash cows.

I think this was before most kids in America had a record player that tracked anything except 45s.

Having just said this, I recall vividly that my father bought my sister a portable record player that had speeds of S, 33, 45, 78 rpm.  And it had a platter that fit 45s, and separate inserts to put inside 45's so that they would be playable on a record changer (drop style, one at a time).

So, even if an LP might have been produced as a "sound track", most kids would have had to used Mom & Dad's Hi Fi set to play it.  And the problem might have been to secure all those recording rights from each artist considering they had signed them away to each individual record label at the time.  Just thinking aloud here...


But today, with digital recording, the internet, and digital media, we can assemble just about any mix, collection or theme of music that we might want.  And to some extent, this has killed the tape player market, the record market, and impacted the CD market as well.

I recall hunting about to find a good deal on a "turntable" just before the advent of CDs.  An audio fan urged me to hold off...he said "Why invest in a turntable when everything is going to become CDs next year?"

Well, he was off a little.  It was about ten years later before record shops began to dry up, but his point was a little ahead of time.  As it was, I did buy a turntable, and I've had to replace the rubber band drive twice, cause I use it so rarely, it cracks and breaks.

But I've still got my record collection.  I don't play it much, but I've got it.

What do you still have around that you value, but don't use any more?

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