We're Only Human

Sometime viewers forget that we're human too.

This is my personal blog and does not represent the opinion of the station nor anyone else.

I've been forgetting to add that disclaimer for a number of months, after someone took my blog entry to be a news story and complained that they weren't interested in reading about that week's topic.  So, if you missed it, this isn't a news story.  In fact, it's only sort of an explanation.

As my good friend and colleague Todd Baucher will tell you, the public tends to hold us to a higher standard.  We hear it all the time.  From complaints of bias in favor or against their favorite school or team, to selective coverage on issues that they deem terribly important if not "way-of-life threatening".

This extends to intrusions into our personal lives ("Gee, you really shouldn't wear your hair that way") or into where we eat ("You must make a lot of money. I see you eating here every week!") or into the type of car we drive ("Must be nice...").

The fact of the matter is that we have to pay for our cars, our gas, our food, our haircuts, our clothing, just like you do.  And some of us have to juggle budgets, expenditures and daily living costs, just like you do.

It's very popular to see TV personalities dressed well, especially at public functions.  To a certain extent, we do it to ourselves... always wanting to look presentable, clean, neat, and respectable so that we remain credible.

The problem is that not everyone agrees what is presentable or appropriate.  Or recognizes that daily living expenses have just shot up when the power company raised it's rates. (This one factor has impacted more prices across the valley than I can name...gas, food, services, etc.)

And as anyone with a growing family can attest, the kids only eat more and  more and require (ask for) more and more expensive toys.  Schools have to keep raising funds and businesses raise their prices to cope too.

This is not a litany of complaint about rising prices, but rather an explanation that we in the media eye have to "keep up appearances" while pinching pennies too!

So, the next time you see one of us trying to top off our gas tank, or pocketing that extra condiment from a fast food store, or shopping the bargains at the local grocery store.... just remember, we're facing the same pressures that you are:  Trying to afford a comfortable lifestyle on an increasingly tight budget.

Hopefully, that will keep us in touch with the average viewer.  And that should keep us making decisions on what to cover, how to present it, or if it's even important... in line with the rest of the valley.  Stay tuned.


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