What's With Men and Birthdays?

Why can't men keep birthdays straight?

This is my personal blog-- it is my own opinion, not that of the station, my family, nor anyone else!

Today is my son's birthday.  He's turned 16 and can now legally drive a car, among other things...

It's funny how it crept up on me.  For some reason, we have difficulty remembering the date.

I could have sworn the day was January 28th.  My mother thought it was January 30th.

But this problem also affected my late father.  For years and years, he knew that one of his two kids was born on a repeating number date.  That is, he had a memory crutch for remembering. Not 6/6/66... but something similar.

He would always remember that I was born on 4/5/67... and as a result, I would always get a birthday card from him, a day early.

What he remembers, if prompted, was that they missed this date by 90 minutes...that is, I was born about 1:30 a.m. THE NEXT DAY!

So the correct date is 4/6/67...

My wife swears it's something to do with the fact that we're fathers.  We sat around the dinner table and remembered the day, who was where, doing what, and who was present, and what we were thinking or feeling that day.  It embarrassed my son, cause he didn't have much say in the matter.

But I do recall that his older sister was having a special meal out at Bob Evans that evening, and that's where I met her, with the babysitter. About a half hour after the birth.  We went back to visit mom, and pose for a family photo, and then we went home, and mom and son stayed overnight in the hospital.

We let my daughter practice holding a large baby doll, but it was not the same as a squirmy baby boy, so she didn't get to hold him as much as she might have expected. But she was pleased.

So, tied up in the day are some vivid memories for me, but I swear I have a hard time remembering the date.

I wonder why that is?

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