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Negative Nancy Need Not Apply...

Is positivity something we can spread... like wildfire?
Hey blog followers... thanks for taking time to read with me!  The subject for today's blog... negativity.
Here's the thing.... I don't like it!  Don't get me wrong- we all have our "days."  And we all need to have those "days" to make the great days that much greater.  I had a "day" just last week.  My hair was a mess, I had a poor day at the gym, work was hectic beyond belief, Sammy was acting funny, and I burnt my Lean Cuisine.  It was not my most positive day.
I went to bed that night thanking the Lord that tomorrow was a clean slate- and that I had to power to make it a better day. 
So, I just don't understand why some people refuse to see the silver lining.  No- not every situation is a good one- and a lot of times it's far from it.  But can't we at least try to see the good? It may be something as simple as taking a minute to breath the fresh air as you walk into work-even though you know the boss may be looking for you.  It may be as tough as doing a chore you really don't want to do- but knowing you're helping someone.  But let's try and look for the good... right?
I think positivity may be contagious.  And if you start being positive, maybe your friend will too, and then their friend, and their friend, and their friend.  Who could say where it could go!
So, what do you say Mid-Ohio Valley? Are you with me? Can we find the silver lining- and look for the positive?  Let me know... and comment below!
Have a great and positive day everyone!!


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