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Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones....

... but your words define you.
Hello again MOV readers! Thanks for taking time to read my ramblings!  Today I'd like to discuss actions AND words..... and how sometimes your words scream more about you than the actions ever will.
A wise person once said "Watch your thoughts, for they become words.  Watch your words, for they become actions.  Watch your actions, for they become habits.  Watch your habits, for they become character.  Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." What wise person said this is unknown (although many attribute the quote to Frank Outlaw), but whoever it was--- they make a good point.
In a society where our thoughts can be so widely shared and published (i.e. facebook, twitter, *blog sites*, texting, comment sections, and emailing) it seems that many have forgotten what weight words can actually carry.  Good and bad. 
It's always great to see that one of my friends is in a relationship on facebook, or get a text from my mom telling me how proud she is of me, or an e-mail from my dad with an amusing article attached.  These are examples of the good and all too rare.
Don't misunderstand me- the rapid exchange of information we have today is astounding and really helpful in the news industry, but there is such a phenomenon as too much of a good thing. 
Maybe I'm imagining things-  but there seems to be a level of comfort with sharing EXACTLY what's on our minds-- at the EXACT moment it's on our minds-- to anyone and everyone who is capable of hearing, reading, touching, seeing, or being exposed to it--- it makes me uncomfortable. 
An example of this would be a rather intense, negative, and unnecessary email from a WTAP viewer that my co-workers and I recently received.  Besides the tone and language in the mailing being uncalled  for... certain people seem to think that their hateful, nasty, and all around poisonous attitudes are okay to share with the world. 
Let's make one thing clear.  I love hearing from our viewers.  LOVE IT!  I love to know what you are thinking, interested in, or ways I can better serve you. I would rather you tell me (kindly, of course) that you would like to see me do something differently.  But... and this is a big but.... it is not okay for anyone and everyone to lash out and completely abandon social etiquette to express your pleasure or displeasure with us. 
I'm not going to inappropriately show up or e-mail your workplace (especially since I don't know you or a thing about what you do) and express how terrible or wonderful I think you are.  Will I take time to tell you, in a proper and socially acceptable way, that I like or dislike what you're doing?  YOU BET!  But, by no means, am I going to sit down at my computer and smear hateful, ugly, and unfounded words about you or your work to your friends, family or co-workers.  Because it's not right.
What are your thoughts here, MOV?  Am I being too sensitive- or should we all watch our words because they are more of an indication of our character than our actions? Words- especially in an email, text, blog, or status update are done in the privacy of your own home.  And, at no point,  are you more yourself than when you're alone.  Let me know!!
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