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People Let Me Tell You 'Bout My BEST FRIEND!

Erin explains how she and her best friend, Samantha Marie Buttons, found each other.
Hey there, again, MOV reader! Thanks for joining me for another blog! 
Over the past few months here at WTAP, I've been asked about my cat, Samantha.  I realize I've never really explained the story of how Sammy and I became the rag tag team we are.  
It was the summer before my senior year of college.  I spent the summer at home working, padding my bank account to have an amazing senior year!  While I was in high school and summers during college I worked at a stable taking care of horses.  So, as everyone around here knows, the end of summer means FAIRS!!! 
While helping our 4-H group set up at their barn, my Grammy (who owns the stable I worked at) found a pathetic little cat under a bush in the pouring rain.  My Grammy has the BIGGEST heart of anyone I've ever known.  She set up a little box and found food for this sickly little cat.
I wish I could impress just how sad this little creature was.  Weighing in at only 2Lbs., little cat had a nasty upper respiratory infection.  In fact, every time she sneezed- gross nastiness would fly out of her nose and the force of the sneeze alone would knock her over.  She had fleas and was covered in dirt.  She was a sad sight.  On top of all of that, her left eye was slower to react to stimulation than her right and she didn't really hold food too well.
My Grammy has never left an ailing animal to suffer and this little cat was no different. 
The next day Grammy introduced me to the cat- and even with as rough as she looked- I loved little cat, adopted her and named her Sammy. 
I decided that Sammy would live with me in the dorms at Loyola University New Orleans.  Once in New Orleans, we found the best veterinarian in the state, Dr. Miller, at the Metairie Cat Hospital.  Over the course of MANY visits and with the aid of LOADS of medicine, Dr. Miller and her amazing staff helped Sammy become the wonderful kitty she is today and we learned about her past, too.
Sammy was abandoned as a baby and lived at the Fairgrounds for almost two months.  Someone or something was very cruel to my Sam and kicked or hit her face.  The blow to the head started an inner ear infection that grew to be so nasty it damaged her sight and hearing.  She walks with a bit of a tilt to the left so she is able to see and hear everything around her. (We call it her gangster lean- and see it as a wonderful trait instead of what it negatively started out as.) 
To this day, Sammy is still one of the best little survivor stories I know of.  All a tribute to my Grammy's loving heart and the wonderful compassionate care of Dr. Miller and her staff.  I could never thank them enough for helping me and my girl Sam get through the rough times and make it to today.
Sammy turned three this past August.  She is a happy, healthy and energetic 8.65 lbs.  Her favorite toy is "robo-mouse," a wind up mouse that cranks up and runs down my hall.  Her favorite food is "By-Nature; salmon mackerel and sardine" mix.  She likes to sleep late and watch me get ready for work from my bathroom sink.  She hates getting her paws wet and loves knocking things (especially very expensive perfume) off counter tops.  She loves taking naps and doesn't like to be disturbed while taking them (a lot like me)!
Sam is my girl and there is no better a pet than my Little Samantha Marie Buttons!
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