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The Best Time Of The Year

My favorite holiday is quickly approaching- and I need your help to figure out what Sammy and I are going to dress as!!
Hey Mid-Ohio Valley'ers! Thanks for taking time and reading with me, again!! I hope all of you have been well and are enjoying the first few days (although it doesn't really feel like it) of fall!  I don't know about you but I cannot wait to see the tree colors change- drink hot apple cider- carve pumpkins- and figure out what Sammy Buttons and I will be for Halloween!! 
I am a HUGE fan of Halloween!  It all started with my freshman year at Loyola University.  You may or may not know that Halloween is as massive a holiday in New Orleans as Christmas!  (Obviously, nothing tops Mardi Gras- but Halloween comes in at a close second.) 
The city is littered with orange and purple lights! Homes are decorated to look spooky and captivating with fake coffins and skeletons- and best of all the paranormal community out in force hosting tours and captivating minds with fantastic stories of years past and the haunting of the city!  It was mind-blowing to hear the accounts of years past that contributed to the scariest and most troubling times of the city- and I've been hooked since.
Now- as an adult- and once again in a city with significant paranormal activity- and super excited to see Halloween!  I only have one question... What should Sammy and I be????
I have a few ideas for what we should be.... A) Professor McGonagall and Ginny Weasley   B)  Hedwig and Luna Lovegood  (I know Hedwig is an owl- but when Sam gets upset she pulls her ears down and looks like an owl)  and finally, C) Crookshanks and Hermione.
Obviously we're working for a Harry Potter Theme once again this year!!! (Who is excited about the new movie BTW???!!!) Don't be shy Mid-Ohio Valley'ers!!!  Let me know what you think Sammy B and I should be for our favorite holiday!!!
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