Why No Williamstown Football Game on WTAP?

By: Roger Sheppard
By: Roger Sheppard

In case you hadn't already figured it out

The internet is a wonderful thing. Most of the time....

A few weeks ago, I posted an e-mail I got from a fan, who was upset because WTAP didn't "choose" to carry the PHS-PSHS football game live. As carefully as I could, I tried to explain to that writer that we WANTED to carry the game live, that we were there in place to carry the game live, but could NOT carry it live because school officials had not officially declared it as being a sell-out.

We had announced tons of times in the days leading up to the big game that fans needed to go out and buy tickets because we would not be allowed to broadcast it live if it were not a sellout (which it was not. If you don't believe me, contact the Athletic Director at Parkersburg High School.)

In my blog about this, I asked the writer what planet he had just dropped in from, to have missed all of those pre-game announcements.

Then comes the Williamstown-Weirton Madonna Single "A" State Football championship game on Sat., Dec. 6 which the Yellowjackets won handily.

WTAP would have LOVED to have carried the game live or on tape delay. BUT the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission (WVSSAC) has, for the past few years, granted exclusive rights to just ONE entity to carry ALL of the three high school football championship games. No other TV station or broadcast entity is allowed to carry the game -- live or on tape delay.

I don't expect people to follow every nuance of the broadcast industry or to know all the intricate details of the WVSSAC's wheelings and dealings.

But get a load of some of these blog posts:


1. Posted by: Silvia Location: Williamstown

What about the Williamstown game? Grafton and Magnolia? Are they even in local viewing area? Two thumbs down for you wtap!

2. Posted by: Dawn Location: Williamstown

Does WTAP care about our local high school sports? If it does, then why is the Magnolia and Grafton game televised when Williamstown is playing?

3. Posted by: Barb Location: Parkersburg

What about the Williamstown game? Why can't you show it live? That's out local channel for ya!

4. Posted by: Earl Location: Summerville South Carolina

Shame on WTAP Whats up Roger????????? WHS only school in Wood County in state finals. And you wouldn't put it on WTAP

5. Posted by: Timothy Location: Williamstown


6. Posted by: Crystal Location: Waverly

I'm with you Toyotagirl1971. Why couldn't wtap show this game instead of the one they are. So upset with "our local" channel

7. Posted by: toyotagirl1971 Location: parkersburg


As I said at the top of this posting, the internet is a wonderful thing...most of the time.

To Silvia... please see above information.

To Dawn...Next time, get up off the couch and find out what channel you're watching before you head to your computer. We did not show the Magnolia-Grafton game.

To Barb...Get a clue before you write. (Also, I think you meant to use the word "our" instead of "out.")

To Earl...Yes, you know my name. That may be ALL that you know. E-mail me with your complete name and I'll tell you "what's up!"

To Timothy: Don't blame Jim and Anthony. Blame the WVSSAC.

To Crystal: What channel are you watching?!?!?!

To toyotagirl1971...I couldn't agree with you more, other than the fact that the game in Wheeling still probably wasn't a sell-out, so a live broadcast would not have been permitted under any circumstances.

And to these writers from Williamstown I'd love to know the answer to this question:

Did you buy a ticket and attend the Williamstown - Wheeling Central game on Nov. 29? We wanted to carry that game live, TOO, but we couldn't because NOT ENOUGH FANS BOUGHT TICKETS!

If you know any of these folks, please let them know that I've responded to their semi-anonymous postings.

We love getting input and questions from people. We try to answer questions as quickly and completely as we can. But rantings from people who haven't even bothered to find out to which channels their TVs are tuned ...or ... judgmental castigations without inquiring FIRST about the facts, all hidden behind real or assumed first-name-only identifiers, are a waste of everyone's time.

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