Don Imus Fiasco

In case you haven't heard enough about the Don Imus story, I would offer this.
1. I've never gone out of my way to watch or listen to his show. So I'm not a huge fan.
2. I think it's disgusting that MSNBC and CBS didn't decide to take action against him until advertisers started to bail. If they felt strongly that his remarks were out of line, they should have canned him immediately. His employers were obviously waiting to see what the fallout would be before lowering the boom, so they could look like they had ethics.
3. I agree he should have been fired. Of course now, he'll just go to Sirius or XM radio (if he wants) and continue with his career.
4. Amid all of his apologies to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, I'm still waiting to hear an apology from Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton regarding the nearly-fogotten Tawana Brawley case.  If you don't know what that is you can google it or here's quick summary:
    Teen-aged girl turns up missing for several days.
    When she is found, she tells her rescuers she was abducted by police officers who put her in a trash heap and dumped feces on her.
    Rev. Jackson and Rev. Sharpton rush to the scene and hold rallies and demonstrations calling for the punishment and firing of the police officers.
    It eventually comes out that Ms. Brawley, for whatever reason, had made the whole thing up.
    No apology from either Rev. Jackson or Rev. Sharpton.
    A couple of years ago, on ABC's "Nightline" show, Ted Koppel tried to get an apology from Rev. Sharpton about this entire incident. Sharpton said, basically, I acted upon what I thought was the truth at the time. OK, Koppel asked, now that you know different, are you prepared to offer an apology?  Sharpton: No, because based upon what I knew at the time, I said what I said.
    How's that for a non-apology?
    I'm not trying to shift the focus away from Don Imus' egregious statement by bringing up ancient history. What Imus said was wrong and he deserved to be fired for it.
   I'm just saying he shouldn't have to kow-tow to Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jackson.
   "Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone."
   And if you put the Tawana Brawley case up against the Imus case, the two reverends have as much to apologize about -- even 10 years or more since those events -- as Don Imus does.
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