Observations About Two Stories Making Headlines

By: Roger Sheppard
By: Roger Sheppard

Two observations about two of the largest stories right now - one local, one international.

Two observations about two of the largest stories right now - one local, one international.

The local story deals with the very short life of a baby, born to a Mid-Ohio Valley couple, who allegedly then took the baby's life. A more heinous crime is hard to imagine.

We here at WTAP are glad that people can log onto our webchannel, wtap-dot-com, and leave comments.

But when we broke the story last Thursday evening, that a murder had been committed a year-and-a-half earlier but was just now being talked about, the comments started flying.

Many people wondered publicly what I wondered privately: why would a murder not have been made public for so long? The reason turned out to be: because no one, other than the two so-called parents, knew about it. The baby was allegedly buried, then its body was dug up and destroyed.

But the folks logging on to wtap-dot-com were quick to chastise the Washington County Sheriff's Department, alleging all sorts of things, like a cover-up and endangering the safety of the public. The last time I checked, not ONE of those "accusers" had logged on to apologize. They should.

The other story is the out-pouring of relief from all over the world, in the wake of the earthquake in Haiti.

I say "all over the world" but that's not quite accurate.

Here is one alphabetical list that I've seen of countries that have pledged money to help the people of Haiti.

Noticeably missing from this list are Bahrain, Dhubai, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and the other members of OPEC and the United Arab Emirates, who rake in billions of dollars every year from their sale of oil. They can build gold palaces, indoor ski jumps, and the world's tallest building, but as of now, they have not stepped up and pledged any help.

The U.S. and most countries of the world have been hard-hit by the global economic crisis of the past year. But that doesn't keep those countries from stepping up to the plate to help when help is needed. Can you imagine the hue and cry of the so-called "world community" if the U.S. did NOT step up in a big way to help? Many here in the U.S. say we do too much. Perhaps.

But unless these oil-rich nations show that they are ready to be a part of the global village, by helping out other nations in their time of need, they will always just be the money-grubbing oil sheikdoms -- and shake-downs -- they've always been.

That's this week's editorial.


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