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December Myths and Other De-lights

Missed by THAT much?

Is school out for the Electoral College?

The wrong words at the wrong time

Roger's Editorial 11/13/2016

On whose terms?

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Paris-- The Last Day

Paris-- The Art Day

Paris-- The Day We Return

Normandy-- D-Day plus One

Normandy-- D-Day

Normandy- The Wet Day

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U.K. Government Loses Brexit Court Fight — Does it Matter?

Judges told Britain's government it must seek parliamentary approval for Brexit — another hurdle for the U.K.'s plans to withdraw from the EU.

If Women's March Was 'Beginning of a Resistance,' What's Next?

Now that the women's marches have concluded and the posters have been put away, the question becomes: "What's next?"

Trump to Meet with Detroit Auto CEOs

President Donald Trump will meet with the CEOs of the Detroit Three automakers Tuesday morning, and it's expected there will be plenty on the agenda.

Ghost Ship Founder's Lawyers Say Fire Started Next Door

A lawyer for victims of the fire, which left 36 dead, said the origin of the blaze doesn't matter: Derick Almena was responsible for the venue.

Senate Panel Indefinitely Delays Votes on Perry, Zinke

There was no immediate explanation for the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee's decision to postpone Tuesday's votes.

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