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'Very Specific' Threat to LA Subway for Tuesday Prompts High Alert

An anonymous tip about an imminent terror attack against the subway system in Los Angeles has federal and local officials ramping up security across the city.

Sleepy Drivers as Dangerous as Drunk Drivers

Even missing a couple of hours of sleep can double your risk of a crash, a new story finds.

What Was the Ghost Ship Collective?

One member described the Ghost Ship as 'a living piece of art. It's always in flux, always something being built and changed and rearranged.'

It Doesn't Take Much Smoking to Kill You

Even people whose smoking doesn't add up to much more than about one or two cigarettes a day die earlier than people who never smoked, a study finds.

Rare Superbug Gene Found on Pig Farm

Researchers have found a rare superbug gene in bacteria on a U.S. pig farm and say their discovery suggests raw meat could carry the dangerous germs.

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