UPDATE: Ohio woman makes it to Humble, Texas to give donations

UPDATE: 9/11/2017 7:00 P.M.

Lynch says with the help of family members they were able to bring two large size trailers to the Humble, Texas area over the weekend.

They have been able to not only give to her sister, but neighbors as well.

The remaining items took two days to unload at a warehouse that was provided through a local church.

Candy Lynch says, “It was heart breaking because about thirty miles north of the hardest hit areas you could start to see evidence of the flood, the mud through the trees, the debris on the bank. As we started getting into Humble it was just heart wrenching. It was sad. All you could do was cry for these people."

An Ohio woman reaches out to a medical transportation company, Medflight, to help her start a donation drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Candy Lynch decided to get involved after a phone call from her sister in Humble, Texas, who was forced to leave her home.

Lynch's sister, brother –in- law and their children lost their home in one day.

She says it was covered in over four feet of water.

That’s when she decided to ask Ohio Medflight for any type of "help."

She says they went above and beyond to help them and other families.

Candy Lynch says, “It’s rolled into an unbelievable amount of supplies. Water, clothing, and way beyond what I ever imagined. We're actually in the process now of trying to get a shipment container to get all of these down because originally we just had a few trailers, box trailers that we were going to take all the supplies in. But, it's turned into something so big."

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