After at least three weather-related accidents in one morning, experts are saying slow down

WOOD COUNTY, W.Va. - At least three accidents occurred in one morning and the Wood County 911 center says all three were weather-related.

WTAP spoke to officials from both the 911 center and a local car dealership to learn what to do when you encounter slick roads.

Nowadays, most cars have automatic traction control that engages when you pump your breaks in a slick spot.

Jamie Karcher, a sales professional from Matheny Motors says this is how you should handle the situation, "When you slam on your breaks, you're going to slide. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do when there is ice. Ice is ice. It doesn't matter if you're driving a four wheel drive, or front wheel drive, or a rear wheel drive. Keep a safe distance and go slow."

Experts advise you if you find yourself sliding to turn gently into the direction you are sliding and not to fight it, remain calm and take your time.

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